Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday baking and apron heaven

My friend's daughter was turning 10 and she had an inspired idea for a party - lets bake and decorate cupcakes!

So she was thinking instead of lolly bags they could all take home an apron and a cake box full of cakes.  But, ahem, could I make the aprons for her ?  COULD I ?!  I live for invitations like this!

A trip to spotlight was in order.  We found some cheap poly cotton blends for $5 a metre and birthday girl picked her favourites:

Enough for 10 aprons.  The aprons are just cafe aprons -  a fat quarter and 50 cms of ribbon for each tie. 
Finished !    I am the cafe apron queen.  There's no magic involved, its just hems all around and catch the ribbon in the hem so the ragged edge is inside.   Treat the ribbon end with fray stop.  Voila !

Fruits of their labours:

Gratuitous arty shot

And of course the birthday girl herself had to have a home made gift from me.   A cute pair of pj pants and a little matching pomander / fragrant sachet bag from Nicole Mallalieu's Homespun project

I didnt have any lavender so I filled it with sand that I had drenched in Rose Geranium oil.   And yes the oil overflowed and made a greasy stain on the bag.   Sorry, birthday girl!


ps - oh this is a little bit exciting.   Did some labels using t shirt transfers.  How great is this ?!  


  1. Very ingenious substitution for the lavender!

    I'm sure the birthday girl was chuffed.

  2. As always, I am impressed by your creativity. The aprons look great.