Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Doona to Dirndl in an afternoon

Inspired by the crafty lot who refashion out of op shop finds, I've been scouring the local Vinnies and Salvos to see if I too can be adventurous and thrify.

Found this double bed doona cover for $3.75 at the Smith Family and thought, hm... could be a skirt?

The whitish blotch is a camera error.  The fabric itself is unstained and not old and cacky.   Probably not a well loved doona cover by the look of it.  Maybe one of those bedroom updates that don't really work and then it gets stuck in a cupboard for a millennia.

Anyway, the fabric itself is a mauve, then has a ribbon trim and a shot 'silk' border of blue/mauve.

Better detail may be seen here

So I wondered if I should use the concept of this pattern (a current work in progress)
and use the shot silk section as the bottom trim.

I didnt have to do any piecing on this at all.  Just turned up the bottom section and sewed it down using the ribbon to hide the seams. 

Put in a zip, gather it up, chuck on a waistband.   Not that you need a guide on how to do this, but I did read Gertie's tutorials for a bit of guidance.   My fabric wasn't as wide, and I preferred to stop the zip where the waistband joins and close with a button.  I thought Gertie's instruction of one inch of ease in the waistband would be too loose, so of course I only gave 1 centimetre and - its a little tight !   Maybe somewhere in between next time ?

Of course the zip and buttons came from my stash so the only outlay was the fabric.  Not a bad skirt for $3.75 !   I'm wondering if I need to do anything with the fabric that's left over.   There's a whole side left of the plain mauve colour.  Suggestions?

PS - hubbie came home in time to take the pic otherwise this would have been the final shot !