Tuesday, July 27, 2010

50s styling on a cardie

There's a fabulous shop in Newtown called Faster Pussycat, which has some gorgeous 50s styled cardigans which I have coveted for ages.  But $90 for a cardie seemed a little over the top.

Brisbane to the rescue!   We wandered around the Sunday Riverside market which we got to far too late and half the stalls were closed and the others were packing up.   Not to worry though, because the one selling iron on transfers was open and my eyes alighted on these beauties.  
A quick trip to SES for a $10 cardigan:
And now I have my beautiful Faster Pussycat cardigan for $15 !  Faster Pussycat has either a cardie with a rose either side or cherries either side, but I thought hey, I'm going for one of each.  I'm in love.
I mean the quality is nowhere near as nice as the real ones, but for a quick fashion fix this will do.


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  1. Hi H,
    Decorating cardigans seems to be catching. Nicole at work has decorated a couple with lace. They look great.