Saturday, July 17, 2010

McCalls 7777: Plaid A-line skirt and a matching beret

I found this gorgeous wooly plaid / tartan recently, as soon as I saw it I knew the project it would be perfect for:

The fabric has an orange gold glittery thread, and a multicolour thread.  It looks great in a macro shot

And because its been really chilly lately I've been wearing a beret when I'm out and about.  So thinking all things beret I found this great tutorial at where you draft your own pattern based on your head size.  The tutorial is here.  It was super easy.  

I love the skirt and its already been worn to work.  If I had my time over again I'd interface or stabilise the centre back seam where the zip is inserted.   It presses flat, but after pulling the skirt on and drawing the zip up, it seem to buckle a bit.   It wasn't a huge issue as its a winter skirt and I wore a jacket most of the day.  And the buckling isn't so bad as to make passers by faint.  It is a reminder to me that slow and steady does a better job than - hey! new fabric - chop chop - skirt made - record time!

I love the matching beret, but I'm not game to unleash the two together on the world.  

Can't wait to start making clothes in summer again, I hate disrobing to try on for fitting issues then getting back into uggies and track pants and three jumpers.  Slows the whole process down.  I much prefer to sit and sew in a singlet and knickers when fitting myself.   Now there's an image you didn't need.



  1. Love that skirt. And the beret, by the way. Although I agree with you that maybe together they are a bit... much. :-)

  2. You are not the only one who sews in undergarments - although currently is is my Icebreaker long johns!
    Nice fabric - I like the orange through it - a little bit different. I have a suggestion for your buckling zip - fusetape the seam allowances before putting the zip in, to stop the bias fabric stretching as you sew. Hope this helps!