Friday, July 9, 2010

Supre fabric - t shirt fabric bargains

If you live in the inner west in Sydney you may or may not have visited the Supre outlet near Marrickville Metro.

Now I know you wouldnt go there for the clothes - give me some credit !   But did you know on certain days (Thursday is one of them) they get out all their excess fabric in this gigantic boxes and charged $1 a metre.  Only they don't charge $1 a metre, the girl at the checkout charged $1 per piece.  And these pieces are GIGANTIC!

So these pieces were $1 each.  Now the white and the pink/blue were just your standard very cheap and nasty t shirt knit.  The thin and nasty variety.  But the black and white stripe is a nice thick sturdy 2-way stretch with (I think) a bit of lycra.

Three dollars for that lot.  I couldnt say no really could I?  There's plenty more out there, there are plaids and plains and wide stripes and colours...  I can see myself getting there next Thursday, but I have promised myself to use up the fabric before I get some more.

I used up the pink / blue fabric making 2 pairs of pj pants for 2 x 10 year old girls.

And I've used up the black and white stripe.  Made myself a long sleeved t, but it was too short so I cut the hem off and made it extra long.   Its just for around the house and bed so I'm not too worried about how I look in it.  

And I made a singlet for my daughter with the leftover.  I pretty much used all of it which is surprising cos its a giant piece, but I love when I can throw the scraps in the bin without feeling they may have some future use.

And I got to play with my twin needle which I havent done for a while.  I do love a twin needle!

The plain white is destined for singlets for my kids, as I was looking in k-mart and they are $8 each for plain bonds singlets.   Hey, this piece will give me 50 !  Well it will give me plenty and I'm already cutting and sewing.   Nothing like a bargain to get the sewing senses all stimulated!

back to the machine I go !


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  1. Just found your blog! I like the version you made for yourself. And the beignet skirt you made earlier is fantastic!!