Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend sewing and shameless plug for your help

As you may have read in a previous entry I entered the Nicole Mallelieu competition with my Sling Bag and its doing very well garnering votes to put me in contention for a prize.   Its neck and neck with another entrant, Fiona, who has made some fabulous hats and probably also deserves to win !  But you know what, sorry Fiona, I totally have my eye on the prize.

Hopefully clicking on the picture should take you to the page to vote.  If you feel so inclined, after visiting Nicole's blog to check out the competition, please go to the sidebar and vote for who you think is the most deserving out of all the entrants.   I'm entry 23 but don't feel obliged to vote for me if there's something that takes your fancy more. 

Go on, it'll put you in the mood for the upcoming election.  All I ask is that you don't do a Mark Latham and vote informally.   Bloody Mark Latham!  

I made this bag for my Brissie trip and I've used it every day since then.  Its such a comfy bag with good capacity.  Nicole's patterns can be used to make products for sale and I'm seriously thinking I may sew some up for sale, I mean its not like there are many bags on etsy !

Anyway, thanks very much and hopefully you'll hear me gushing soon about how lucky I am and what fabulous patterns I've got from Nicole as my prize...  
Sewing project this weekend was a pres for an 11 year old who has moved back to Denmark with her family.   Happy birthday Kirstine!  I had this fabulous fabric gifted to me from a very generous work colleague - it was 1.5 metres of some poly cotton blend with this rich gold embroidery on it.  Perfect for a skirt and matching wristlet accessory.   Kirtsine, you'll be the most stylish child in Copenhagen !

The wristlet was winged as to size and specifications.  Ain't it just the cutest thing ?!


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