Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zig Zag skirt Simplicity 8141 and prize booty

 How's this for a far out fabulous piece of skirt ?!   Its still in the pinning stage for hemming, but I couldnt wait to share.  (I think my camera is on the fritz, its over-exposing and pixelating like mad)

The fabric was in the quilting cottons section of Spotlight and I just couldnt pass it up.   All smart people insist you should stay away from quilting fabric when making clothes.  Pah!   What do they know? 

Old faithful Simplicity 8141 to the fore.  I love this skirt, have made it about, oh, 6 times now!  It has facing and a high waist.  Although the patter is unlined I always put in a lining - because a skirt is so much nicer when its lined, doncha reckon?   No ugly seams, as beautiful inside as out!  And because I'm budget conscious, I'll let you know that the fabric and invisible zip for this project cost me $12.50.   The lining came from stash so was free!  Barg.
Are you a quilt fabric for clothing kinda person, or do you eschew the pretty patterns and colours over there in the forbidden zone and just make clothing with dress fabrics?  I can't help but be seduced by the fantastic designs in the quilting fabrics these days...

Other exciting developments are my prize winnings for 2nd place for my bag review.   I won a $50 credit at Nicole M Design, but I did have a wish list for the bigger prize, so I got $100 worth of goods but with $50 off.   I'm so stoked and don't know which project to tackle first!    I don't really need a bag for myself just yet as I use my Sling every day, but these are all different purpose bags.  I little Baguette for keys and wallet on the weekend, a bit of City for a formal work bag, and a Laptop for a laptop !   Watch this space. What can I say, I'm INSPIRED !
Thanks to my friends who voted for me and thanks to Nikki for running the comp and making the best bag patterns in the universe.



  1. I'm a sucker for the quilting cottons - although I must admit most of the things I make with it ends up being children's clothing :)

  2. Fantastic win! I'll be coming to your house for a look!!

  3. Gorgeous print!!! I love the zigzagging (that word was fun to say), and the length of this skirt. Very pretty! Congrats for winning that contest too. It sounds like it was fun, and I would've definitely voted for something you made! :) Sweet pic of your winner's loot! Go girl.

  4. Skirt looks fantastic H.

  5. Glad to hear that opinion on that particular skirt pattern. I'm currently watching the same one on ebay, I'll have to buy it now!

    Congrats on the win too!