Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vogue 2960 fitting issues - your assistance would be helpful

Hi all

I'm currently working on the gorgeous vogue 2960.

and I wonder if I could have your valuable assistance with bodice fitting issues.

The front is nice although the shoulders slip off - wondering if probably just some bra-keeping device will solve this issue.   So not too concerned here.  Do you think it could come up just a smidge higher though ?

But the back is where it all goes horribly wrong.

You can see if I stretch out it all sits flat so I'm presuming I need that ease?  But when its relaxed is super baggy.

I tried taking in the upper bodice back by a couple of centimetres:
but it didnt help, it just ends up gaping elsewhere.

And just to add another issue into the mix, I'm thinking of raising the back by a few centimetres as I don't want to be running around buying new bras so that the strap doesnt show.  Obviously this will impact any fitting adjustments I make now.   I'd be grateful if you could consider this for me?

And PS my body doesnt look this bad in real life.  Its some sort of fisheye perspective problem with the camera!  The freckles I can't do anything about though.  And the muffin top is being addressed by twice weekly zumba.

Thanks very much for looking and for any help you can give me.



  1. What about just shortening the back piece at the shoulder seam, if there is enough ease in the armpit so as to not make it horribly uncomfortable? That would raise the back enough to make the bra less visible. As for back fitting issues, I suck at that, so I have no help.... :( Good luck!

  2. I had to raise the back on my Version of this bodice - ugly sticking-out shoulder blades need covering. And so I have really mucked around with the original pattern. But I still needed to take in side and back seams about 2 cm - despite appearing to be a 12 on the pattern guide. I reckon I should have made a 10 or even 8 and just lengthed the bodice. Check out for other comments about the very generous ease in this pattern

  3. I think a strapless bra would help. Have you considered recutting the bodice with a higher
    neck and backline? Some patterns just don't work the way they are- you have to do major alterations. Maybe you could use the skirt from this pattern and the bodice from another dress that you have already fitted.

  4. I don't have much experience re: fixing the backs of dresses, but my impression is that if you want it to fit, you should recut the thing in a 10. I think it would maybe fix a lot of things.

  5. hi! love the color choice! I made this dress too, and had some fitting problems as well. I don´t know how tall you are, I know someone here commented that this is made for taller people, I´m 178 cm tall, but have quite a smallish upper body so that is more the issue.

    I thought I had to do a lot of adjustments as well, but just taking in the shoulder seam, both front and back helped me work out many of the issues you speak of. I also took in the side seams some to make it more fitted.

    Good luck with the dress, I love to see the finished result!