Sunday, September 19, 2010

vogue 2960 progress- almost there !

Front skirt seam needs to come in about an inch.

Waist stay and buttons still to go, not to mention hemming.

But coming along nicely.

And a lesson learned when you mark the pleats on this dress, do it on the right side of the fabric.   I marked on the wrong side and sewed them in place and when it came to sew it together, I realised I had the pleats going in the wrong direction.  It wouldnt matter on a fabric that has no 'right side'.  Spewing.

How's that set of vintage 50s beads.  Do they work or what ?!



  1. Hi,
    I have this pattern too...were there any fitting problems?
    Regards, Megan (Victoria, Au) :-)

  2. Wow.. all your alterations really made it fit well! Great job. Those are the skills I need to cultivate.

  3. Such a pretty dress. Love the fabric.