Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anyone recognise this fabric?

I want it so badly to beautify my back deck. 
Its much more vivid in real life.  Its so intense I have dreams about it!

I have googled every word combination I can think of. 

If you know a source of this fabric, or even the name of the designer/ manufacturer... any help at all would be great.




  1. Lore, my parents-in-law have that on their couch. I'll see if they know what it is called.


  2. yes yes yes - what good taste they have!

    and if they dont know the name of it, can you surreptitiously snip it away next time you visit ?


  3. Okay, I spoke with my m-i-l, and she said had a look at your pic and said it isn't a complete match, but (and they own a textiles company so this should be pretty accurate), she said that all interior designers will have something very similar to this in their fabric swatch books, so to visit an interior designer for the name/designer etc). They got their couches done a while ago, and she couldn't remember the name or designer of their fabric.

    She did say though to be careful as it has faded from being in their lounge room (not a particularly sunny room), so it may not be suitable for a back deck (maybe it can be treated for that?).

    Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks Rachel! You're the best!

    I dont care if it fades. I must have it! I will get onto it. will try to do it from the comfort of my armchair and sent the image around the web world.