Saturday, October 30, 2010

New project - Vogue 1172

Vogue Vintage reissue V1172

There's not much out there in blogland for this dress.  I found a post about it here, but hanging on a coat hanger doesn't give you much of an idea of what the finished garment looks like.  

I do prefer to be a follower rather than a leader.  It makes me wonder if I've picked an unpopular style?  Or maybe there are a bunch of these as UFOs because they turn out yuk?   Oh well, I've made my mind up on it now.  It's to be my work xmas party dress.  I have until the end of Nov to create a masterpiece that has my workmates swooning!

On the offchance that there might be some great fabric in the op shop, I took myself off to the Salvos.  And I found this purple black shot slubby silk like fabric for $12.  There's just short of 5 metres and its 122cm wide.  Bargain.   I'm pretty sure its curtain fabric.  What does that matter ?  

and look what I got for a measly $2.  A Dunmoy Irish linen tea towel circa 1970
Its never been used of course.   Was probably bought and stored in a drawer.  I gave it a wash and now I'm using it and I love it so much.   Talk about cutesy pie overload.  I'm definitely looking out for more of these in the future.



  1. I think there's no info on this dress yet because it takes 5 metres of fabric! My sister made it, and it's super cute with a fun swishy skirt. Be prepared for endless hemming though!

  2. I will NOT be sitting near you at the Chrissy Party! You will look fabulous in it H. Love the material too. Can't wait for updates on your progress.

  3. I like your fabric, as I said, I really would like to see the dresses finished.