Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vogue 2960 complete and 10 things about me.

Its finally done.  And I don't know if I'm a sucker for punishment but just ordered this fabric from Tonic Living so that I can make it again.  Its called dumb dot and its colour is marine which is apparently a really dark ink navy.  I thought I'd make it in a fabric that I could team with black heels as I sure can't wear black heels with my pink number. 

Anyway, I know you're dying to see it.  So without further ado, I present to you Vogue 2960...

It needs a wash though - chalk marks and general dirtyness from weeks of manhandling.   But, yes, I know, its absolutely gorgeous!

And in other exciting news, I joined the knit along from Bea at Butterflies and Hurricanes, because I think that it will look awesome with this dress.

Also, the beautiful blogger baton has been passed to me from Rachel, you've done this to me before!  But I can't resist a challenge.  So. Ten. Things. You. Don't. Know. About. Me.

1. I work in the world of intellectual property and trade marks for a major corporation.  Although its a fabulous job and I love it, its opposed to my idealistic nature.  I'm much more of an 'open source' girl !  I try to buck the system in every other way. But as an up side, because I search the internet for a living I am the absolute undisputed google queen of everything.  If it can be googled, I'll find it.  And you know I'm using the google trade mark as a verb which is a big no-no in the world of trade marks. Hah.  See, its just me bucking the system.
More my style. Naomi Klein.

2.  I was vegan for a while but I found it a little hard going.  I try to keep to it when I can but  I do make the best vegan bikkies and cupcakes in the universe (and this has been assertion has been supported by grateful recipients of my baked goods), thanks to Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.  Even for non vegans, these books teach you the basics of cooking and give you a good understanding of how food works, you know, eggs bind, so to cook without eggs... etc etc.   And they are funny books.  I can read them like novels!

3. I stave off alzheimers doing cryptic crosswords.  They're totally addictive once you get the hang of them.  Half of the reason I have a mobile phone is so that I can text my friend who also does them and get answers to clues I can't solve.   We are the yin to each other's yang, and she gets ones I don't get and vice versa.  We do the Saturday crossword together and woe betide any activity that gets in the way of Saturday's mental gymnastics! 

4.  After reading this fabulous post by pottymouthmama Is Brazil Better Than The Bush I have to declare that although I've been to Brazil once, I'm definitely in the well groomed bush brigade .

5.  I'm middle to high brow with my literature, but I like my comedy cheap and nasty.  Bring it on Austin Powers.  Tropic Thunder?  Zoolander?  I love those movies.  I can watch them over and over.  Oh hang on, I do watch them over and over.

6. I have a black cat and she's named (very un-originally) Slinky Malinki.  To those non antipodeans out there, Lynley Dodd's Hairy MacLary and Slinky Malinki are bedtime reading in every toddler's household.   They are adorable books with great artwork and fabulous rhymes.  Anyway here's my Slinky who happens to be female rather than the male of the books:
Doing a LOLcat monorail cat impression
Or just sitting on a handbag.

7.  My favourite lunchtime meal is either crispy bean curd or noodle satay sauce from Peace Harmony.  If you are in Sydney I invite you to join me there. Its too divine for words!  They are on speed dial on my phone at work and they know my name.  'Hi, its Lore here, can I order a takeaway...?'

8. I just spent an insane amount of money on a vacuum cleaner and bought a Dyson.  I'm thinking that with age comes the wisdom to buy quality.

9.   I love Kate Miller-Heidke.  Big time.   And on last Sunday we heard her rehearsing for a show at the Enmore Theatre.  We were just walking past and I quipped that she might be in there because they had a gig that evening, and - lo - I could hear her singing inside.  We stuck around for 5 minutes and called 'love you kate' through the doors.  How close am I to her?  Practically best buddies.  A bit of blue language in this video but typifies Kate.  Her gorgeous voice and beauty and sense of humour.  Honestly.  I love her.

and number 10 ?

hmm.  can't think of another one.  That's gotta be enough for me.

Over and out.



  1. Gorgeous dress!! And I love the sweater you want to make with it. Makes me wish I could knit!
    It's fun to learn what sewing bloggers do as day jobs, trademarking sounds fascinating!

  2. I love the dress! And thanks for playing along, I couldn't resist tagging you again, you're too interesting not too! Can't wait to see the dotty number either.

  3. Wowo! The dress turned out really great! Good work, and nicely done!

  4. I love this dress. You look stunning in it and I can't wait to see it paired with the bolero. That came up just in time, didn't it.
    I love your cat-monorail picture. My cat does this all the time. When she sits on the floor like that my husband thinks she looks like a duck on a pond though.
    Can't wait to see your next projects.

  5. Beautiful dress!! I love the shape and fabric. It makes you happy just looking at it.
    The bolero you plan to make is really cute! I wish I knew how to knit, I'd join the knit-along too.

    (seen on Sew Retro)

  6. I love your dress - it looks fantastic! It brightens my day just looking at it!

  7. I was hoping you could give some input....I am debating on buying this pattern and from reading your posts seems like the dress might run big. By vogue size chart I should be 12/14 but now Im thinking maybe more 10 from what you said...Im a 36 bust and about 31 chest and 30 waist, can you give me any opinions on sizing for the dress, would be greatly apprecited. Oh and your dress turned out beautiful....Susie

  8. Hi Susie

    My pattern was the 12-18 sized pattern and I wish I'd bought the other one. My bust isnt as well endowed as yours :( but waist is around 30. (Hips it doesnt matter at all because of the fullness of the skirt.)

    From the pattern measurements I should have been a 14 but I made the 12. I had to cross over the front a bit more so it would fit properly and not be a big empty sack where my bust should be.

    Actually, if you have got boobs, probably the 12 is a good size because this was perfect for me at the waist line.

    Its a nice dress and I've worn it a few times out now and always get compliments when wearing it. It is a very flattering silhouette.

    Give it a go as a 12 I think. Be prepared for a bit of tweaking - raising the back to ensure no bra strappage showing etc, and it might be worth putting in some bra strap keepers at the shoulder, the dress does tend to slip off my shoulders and its a quick fix that I might go back and do.

    Good luck with the pattern!


  9. Lore,

    I also thought I would be a 14(going by bust measurements for me). Thanks for the info., I decided to go with the pattern that went up to 12, your right. Ive also heard that vogue patterns have a lot of ease so I think I'll get away with it. Happy sewing....


  10. I love the floral fabric for this dress! I made the same one but with a solid color fabric. Floral is gorgeous! Great job!