Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vogue 1172 - the toile


Here I am 'fresh' from work and I thought what a great opportunity to try on my toile.
And I'm so bored with taking snaps in the kitchen or the backyard, so tonight I bring you into the entrance into my sitting room.    Four things to discuss here before I get going:

1. Happy Fiesta Rosie - This is for Rosie's 11th birthday in December.   She's prepping the decorations early.   We are having a fiesta theme because I said wouldnt it be easy to serve tacos for lunch!

2. New cordless phone !   Bought on the weekend after our old one died. 

3. Airplane ashtray on map of Australia.  Circa mid '40s.

5. The carpet.   Yes, I believe it was laid in the '40s.  Its a pure wool axminster and we really did intend to recarpet one day but we've lived here *cough* 13 years now and it still hasnt happened.  They really built carpets to last back in those days!

Closeup of The Ashtray.   and a note to self: dust more frequently please.
But back to the dress.  Focus.

I put it on but, oh god, what's going wrong - it won't sit right.  I'm sure the zip side was to the left.  How come I've got back boobs?
No, apparently I've done the zip on the right hand side.  ahem.  Lets just swap it over.
That's a bit better.  And the front?




  1. Look good! I can't wait to see final show!

  2. Over from SewRetro and, wow, that airplane ashtray is fantastic. I don't even live in Australia and I want one! And I always put my zips in on the right. With those vintage fitted bodices I'd never be able to do up the zip if I put it in on the left. I'd be nipping the skin endlessly with my left-hand!

  3. IT looks very good, I would like to see it finished,I like that plane too.

  4. Cute! That skirt will be so fun and swishy!

  5. Beautiful dress pattern! I need to buy it and make it up. I just made a full circle skirt and put the zip on the right. Ooops! I thought I checked that before sewing it in.

    Love your blog, just found it recently.

  6. I can always count on you to make me smile H. Thank you.

  7. Hello - I just clicked over from SewRetro. Your toile looks great! I've had this pattern for a while and have been thinking to get onto for summer. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!