Sunday, January 2, 2011

McCalls 5661 - toile stage - fitting issues...

This project was prompted by this fabric - silk brought back from India by a fabulous friend who knew that fabric would float my boat the most.
It is hard to believe from this picture, but the silk is a deep emerald green shot with navy blue.   Its truly divine.

So I needed something to highlight the shotness and as it was only 1 metre, it had to be a small project.  Said friend has now been briefed that 1.5 metres is a better length for fabric purchases for me.  She's going to the States next month so here's hoping she pays heed to my request! 

I settled on the singlet style top with the gathers at the neckline (in lime green on this pattern).
Its a palmer pletch pattern that has info on making fba adjustments, has swayback adjustment lines on the pattern and all.   I quite like that all that information is there.  But I'm not really using it !

My personal bugbear is that the neckline is a lot higher in the garment than shown on the cover.  Its quite restrictive and stifling.   Toile pix:

tucked in
hanging out
and the back.

Yes, swayback adjustment is in order.  

I think I'll drop the neckline down about one inch. And go up one size.

So not an instant success but thankfully only minor tweaking involved.


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  1. This is going to be so cute when it is done! I got your comment about the capelets. Please send me a photo when you finish making one! I'd love to see it. :)