Friday, January 14, 2011

New vintage project : Australian Home Journal 9073

I'm participating in the Vintage Sewalong and thought I'd double post in case that blog isnt on your radar.

Time to tackle this Aust Home Journal teenage frock !  This was my first vintage pattern purchase (ever!) and I freaked out at the lack  of markings on the pattern pieces, so stowed it away thinking oh well, the cover is cute to look at. 
Fast forward a few years and plenty of toiles and adjustments under my belt and then this Vintage Sewalong comes along and I figured it's time to revisit this pattern.  Its a very simple design and both front and back pieces are cut on the fold, with the zip in the side seam.

The pattern is for a 24inch waist, so I thought I'd measure the pieces with the darts 'darted' and the seam allowances marked.
They were both around the 7inch mark, so x 4  = 28 inches, which is my waist (without any ease of course)!.

Anyway, I figured I'd just make this up and see where to go from there.

Cue a cute print scored yesterday from the Salvos on the highway - 2.9 metres x 90cm wide for a measly $2.
Perfect for a toile.  Except maybe a but busy to see details in photos.  Fine for 'real life' though.
It's a bit tight and the bust dart goes right up and over my boobs, and the side dart is too high.   So I plan to push those down the pattern about 1 to 2 inches.   But the neckline and sleeve hole seems to be ok !

I'm thinking for the back, I could place the pattern piece on the fold at the top of the piece, and pivot it so the bottom part is about 1centimetre in from the fold, thereby giving a bit of extra fabric across the back ?  Is that a plan ?   Its tightest across the shoulder blades, but fits ok at the top of my shoulders, so don't just want to make the whole piece bigger.  I could increase the dart suppression (new word to the vocab here - thanks to this fabulous dart posting by Sherry!) at the base of the dart to take up the extra fabric?  Your views?


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