Saturday, January 8, 2011

Success on McCalls 5661 and not one but TWO sew alongs !

After the 2nd toile, this blouse came together ok.  I did a sway back adjustment and skimmed a wedge off the shoulder seam on the front shell and facing.   It was a pretty easy fix to make it fit well.  Not a bad pattern and a good one for the stash as it has a few different looks.

Maybe you need the flash at night for this fabric to finally work.  You definitely get a better idea of colours from these pix:
The skirt is obviously WRONG, as is the belt,but going for the idea here,  you know, casual belted...
Anyway, I'm happy with this and now I'm moving right along.
I joined the vintage sew along recently and picked a very standard 50's style dress with the gathered skirt to a fitted bodice.  I havent even started the toile yet, it will surely need enlarging as it's a teenage frock.   But this is the look (going for the cap sleeve look in the green frock) :

And I joined Peter from Male Pattern Boldness, who is doing a shirt sew along using a Collette Pattern to make the shirt:  Negroni.
I did notice that Sewing Pattern Review has all Simplicity patterns at $2.99 until midnight on 9 Jan which even with international postage included is still cheaper even than a 50% off sale in Australia, so hoping to pick up a few patterns there, you know, to built up the old stash!
Loving this 3673
or the pants in 3688
and even though it isn't retro, not minding this one 2247:
hmm.   I'm sure I'll find some to purchase, don't you ?!



  1. The shirt turned out great! And I have the two repro retro patterns you bought that I've not made yet, so will wait to see how yours turn out.

    Glad you're doing the Negroni sew-a-long too - will be good to see how others go with the pattern.

  2. Looks great H. Another success. Buy all the patterns - you know you want too!!

  3. keeping busy hey?! the shot silk top looks great. how's the knitalong going? maybe wait till autumn!

  4. Great job on the silk top - it looks awesome!