Saturday, January 15, 2011

Butterick 5032 - again!

I made this dress ages ago and wear it all the time, its such an easy dress to grab and chuck on.   I thought I'd make it again with a very dark brown stretch mystery fabric that I scored in an op shop.

This is it at the moment, just needing a few final tweaks before I pronounce it perfect.

I moved the zip from the centre back to the side and used Gertie's side lapped zipper tutorial.  The tutorial was comprehensive and it all went together well but I fancy the lap sticks out a bit and changes the sillhouette.   I put it down my right side, which I think is the wrong side, you can see it on the left side of the photos above.  Its not a deal breaker, but I'm not that thrilled.  I'm sure I'll tackle this dress again and will try again for the side zipper as the back zip finishes in a very awkward spot in the middle of your back -  you know that spot you can never reach to apply sunscreen?  That's where the zip finishes. 

Anyway, the back of this dress has proved to be troublesome:
You can see here I need to do a sway back adjustment.  I know I did one the last time I made the dress, but I mistakenly thought that I had altered my pattern piece and so I just sewed it up thinking it would be perfect.   Guess I didnt!

And another issue.  Moving the zip from the centre back to the side has caused this huge gape-age issue when I pull my shoulders towards each other from behind.
So I reckon to tackle that problem, I'll just bring in the centre back seam a bit more.

And I won't bother with the back slit, will just sew it completely closed and hem it.  There's more than enough room in this dress to move about.

I'm reasonably happy with it.  I think it needs a belt or something though.  Its a bit big and boring without it.  Thoughts ?

And I have to give a shout out to Sherry's fantastic darts tutorial here.   I'll never mark a dart again!   I used a hybrid method that worked for me sticking a pin out at the apex of the dart and notching the seam edge.  Took it straight from the cutting table to the sewing machine and ran them through straight away.  

Oh, and it had never occurred to me to make the cape before, but loved these versions on Sew  Retro.   I'm gonna make me one of them too. 



  1. clever clever H. Once you fix those couple of issues it will look great. The belt makes it.

  2. It is going to look awesome - love love love it!

  3. I think it would be worth unpicking the waist seam at the back and hiking up the skirt - I also used to elongate the back darts a little (before I started to 'really' sew and learned about better ways of dealing with sway back). This is a lovely dress, and the other 'issues' seem too minor to worry about.

  4. Thanks for this - I have this pattern but have not yet made it up so it's nice to see one on a real person! :)