Sunday, January 16, 2011

Butterick 5032 - a swayback fix and a disaster

I unpicked the back waist seam of my latest 5032 today, so that I could re-sew it taking a wide bite into the top of the back skirt.   I got slightly carried away with my seam ripper though.  Damn me and my gung ho attitude.
Nothing that a little darning won't fix.
So I think I've solved my 'do I wear a belt with this?' dilemma - don't you ?!

So the swayback done, the centre back seam brought in a wedge to deal with the gaping across the back, and the hem pinned in place.   Looks like this might be on the home run !
I may have been able to pull another few millimetres up on the sway back, but I daren't unpick it again.   Is this good enough ? 

A reminder of what it looked like before:
Yeah, stuff it !   This is well good enough.



  1. It looks MUCH better! Now it looks like a gorgeous fitted dress.

    And I've definitely been a bit too eager with the seam ripper before....

  2. Good job! It's looks so much better, really fits well,

  3. It looked great H. You did another fantastic job. J