Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colette Negroni toile/muslin - I don't stuff around !

I've hit the ground running on this one!

 My pattern only arrived this morning and already I'm up to attaching the sleeve. Only I'm not sure I can cope with a flat fell seam as its 10pm and I'm a bit tired so thinking I won't tempt fate and risk having a stuff up.

The story thus far:

Toile fabric was an op shop find - 2.3 metres x 114cms and if you want to make this shirt in medium, let me tell you - its not enough!   Nearly... but just not quite.   So the facings are in a contrast cotton.  And why should I make two pockets?   No need really.

I'm pleased with the way its coming together (knowing its a toile).

Things that make me unhappy are:
 catching up the body fabric when attaching the collar.
the attachment of the back inside yoke to the shoulder seam has been constructed very sloppily.  Damn me.    This did confuse me somewhat and I mistakenly attached the facing to the yoke instead of the yoke to the shoulder seam the first time and did the whole burrito thing and pulled it out.  It was tres confusement.  But after unpicking it and doing it the right way it made a bit more sense.  Let me tell you though, its hard to roll a burrito up again when you have to unpick that seam.  The whole exercise was a leap of faith and the person that invented the method must have been able to see into the 4th dimension!

But lets not focus on the negative.

I have happy news too, 
my other side is PERFECT !

and my button loop is too cute for words
All in all I'd say a nicely productive day.

Well, for some us it was, others spent the entire day sleeping in a laundry basket.

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  1. oh, men's shirts...that is a BIG undertaking!
    I remember sewing one for my DH 35 years ago. It was sooo awesome, except I accidently swaped sleeves...left on right side and visa-versa. =( My first shirt and my last... Yours are GREAT!!

    ps. i don't have your email to contact you if you win the Mystery Monday on my blog...