Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm ba-a-a-ck ! With a Simplicity 2960

It has been a bit of a hiatus.  Not a sewing one, but nothing really worthy of sharing.

School holidays have just finished and this week I sent off my eldest daughter to high school and the younger to her final year of primary.  Here they are going off to Kindy/Year 1 back in Feb 2005 (i've been politely requested not to post the off to school shot for this year :  fair enough)
I'm currently working on a Simplicity pattern because its been SWELTERING in Sydney.  Over thirty degrees day and night (our house just won't cool down!).  So I thought this pattern would be the ticket for throwing on a breezy summer dress.

I'm making view C, the top in the bottom left, but with a view to lengthening it into an above knee dress.  I'm using an op shopped slippery loud paisley polyester for the toile.   Sorry if it burns your eyes.
 Its a pretty easy pattern to put together but I have had some major issues.  These pix taken before the addition of the casing and elastic that make it fitted under the bust. 

Sleeve holes are heaps too tight.  When I first tried it on I nearly dislocated my shoulder trying to get it off.

The whole thing seems to be a bit too fitted for what I want as a loose dress, so I'm going up a size for the real  version.
Look at that back !   No ease whatsoever.
I'm bunching it here to see what the front looks like.   I don't know, will that little insert ruckle up like it does here?  Maybe not.  But its all a bit too high, I'm going to lengthen the bodice by another inch.

I'm hoping the maternity look kind of doesn't happen in the final cut too !

I'm still waiting for my Colette pattern to do the men's shirt sewalong, and my vintage sew along has stalled too.

Thankfully now that kids are back at school I can get back into it.


oh, and here's my at my office in my Vogue 5032.  Perfect work dress.


  1. Hello
    Hot house here too..caught a glimpse of Rosie yesterday...shocking week to start school!

  2. Hi Lore - Thankyou for your helpful sewing episodes with this pattern - it looks great!

    Just wondered if you could quickly explain your method for the swayback fix? Do you take in a graded amount from center skirt piece out towards side? And I didn't think of lengthening the dart - does this help too?

    Tracy (Perth, WA)