Saturday, February 12, 2011

Work in progress, kaleidescope baby quilt

I spent 6 hours today making this beauty:
Using the Film in the Fridge tutorial, not that there's anything unique about it, but I do like the consistent centre diagonal.  It brings together order from chaos!
I started with A3 sheets and sliced off the excess making a square that was 11 3/4" square.
Marked the diagonal and a line 3/4 inch each side so I could have a 1 1/2 inch central strip.
started adding to the central strip bit by bit
Until I had 16.
Then I had to tear away all those strips of paper from the back.  The paper is perforated from the stitching, so its not too hard, but it took aaages because you still have to be gentle especially at the beginning and end of seams. 

Then I pieced it together  - all those block edges were stretchy bias by now. 
Until I ended up with this !

And this
Which I dumped in the bin, even though it was such a lovely rainbow bunch of scraps.  Too pretty.   nope.   bin.

Its a baby quilt for a colleague of my husband who is due in 3 weeks.  So I just have to quilt and bind (with the same red as the central diagonal, just to bring it all together.

My daughter said 'mum, that might make the baby go blind' !  I hope not!


and for a bit of scale, here's the ubiquitous cat on quilt photo