Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Triangle Maze quilt with Amy Butler Soul Blossoms

My house looks like this at the moment:

Building materials everywhere and the main bedroom bagged up all around the house.

So its not been conducive to sewing clothing, but I did manage to finish a fabulous quilt.

Its called Triangle Maze from EschHouseQuilts and there is a free download of the pattern on their home page.   Its such a simple design but as with all patchwork, so many different looks can be achieved with colour placement.  

I recently bought some Amy Butler Soul Blossoms sample packs with 20-odd strips of 4 1/2" wide strips of most of the fabrics in the range.  I figured it would be a good project to use those strips.

I just used white homespun from Spotlight as the base colour.

First I made the coloured 'flag' strips, which were 3 x 4 1/2" blocks joined together, then added a 3" white strip to the bottom and a 5" white strip to the top.  Couldnt get any easier.

Snoopy looked after them while I trued up the blocks.

Then I played with placement

and sewed it all together

Pinned it up
Instead of making a backing and quilting with batting in the middle, I bought a very soft and snuggly fleece blanket and used that as multipurpose backing and batting.   NOICE.

I bound it with the same Amy Butler prints.

Binding is actually my favouritest thing.  It turns from this mess to this beautiful neat edge.  Makes me very happy.
And now its all complete.

 And while I was busy with that...   my builder fitted windows in my verandah and an attic storage space.

Still a bit of a way to go on the renovations the sewing machine is off limits behind 5 sheets of plasterboard for a few days now.   PHEW, just got this project done in time.



  1. Wow! I really admire your ablility to get the quilt done in the middle of all your renovations! I love it.

  2. As usual love it, love it, love it!! The backing is a great idea - pretty on the top and soft and snuggly underneath. Your renovations will be great H - attic storage space - sensational.

  3. That is just gorgeous! I love the snuggly-looking back - will be so cosy. And the fabric triangles are so pretty.

    You've given me something to aspire to!