Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peanut butter chocolate pillows -Vegan cookies invade your cookie jar

I seriously love this book.  This is my best yet recipe.   And I thought my peanut/oatmeal ones were the best.
These have totally superceded them.


 Seriously the most yummy biscuit out there.   Straight from the oven.  Hot and delicious.

They have been kind enough to reproduce the recipe on the web here, but get yourself the book because you will become the best damned biscuit baker that ever lived.

These were a only a tiny bit fiddly - but the result!

roll the fondant into a ball and flatten out some cookie dough,  wrap the dough around the ball.

put on tray and bake

When they turn out PERFECT, scream with joy and share them with everyone saying, have one these are divine.