Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rosy Rosy Rosy Tea Cosy

Its a rare day lately that I sit down to relax without a crochet hook in my hand.

I have about 4 projects on the go at any given time.   But occasionally I do finish a project and it helps when deadlines like birthdays give me the push I need.

Meet my newest offspring: Rosy Rosy Rosy Tea Cozy.  

RRRTC (as she's affectionately known) is a hybrid of knit and crochet and is a collaborative effort.  My lovely friend Jenny knitted the body of the tea cosy for me using Braided Cable Tea Cosies, designed by Amelia Carlson.   I then set to work embellishing and adorning, because I do believe to make it in this world as a tea cosy, you have to be WAY more than functional.  You have to cross the line into the land of excess.  I love excess on tea cosies.

You just want to keep your tea warm?   Throw a frigging tea towel over the pot and go away with your whingeing.  Sheesh.

To make RRRTC I collected my resources from all around the web:  

Crochet roses and leaves came from here:   I love the rose in this pattern, but its a bit large and would have made RRRTC a little top heavy, so I omitted the second row and just started creating the petals on the foundation row.   Result?  Perfect rose for a teapot.   Some leaves I made longer and skinnier, by just doing one side only.   These half leaves curl nicely as an added bonus.  

Tendrils came from this fabulous book.   They're corkscrew curls for a border.   Again, I tinkered and made them thinner using single crochets instead of doubles.   and I changed the lengths so I had a few different sizes.  

A big chunk of inspiration came from here :   Crochet with Raymond.  

The yarn is a Spotlight 100% low pill acrylic called Peony that I got at a 40% off all wool sale.  Its beautiful to hook and feels so soft and lovely.  More of this yarn will be purchased.   I fancy I bought all the nice colours.   I need me a rainbow and would love some yellow and orange in this wool.   Can you hear me Spotlight?  Yellow and orange.

To put it together, I dressed the pot in the cosy and sewed on the roses, then added the leaves and the tendrils, then made another tendril out of purple that I could pop onto the top because there's one heck of a mess in there.   I think I may plan it better next time.  

And there will be a next time.

RRRTC#2 is already in production.  I made one tendril and two leaves on the way to work this morning. And my train ride is only 15 minutes.  

One more look before I go


PS-  I will never buy the cheapest camera in the shop again.   This Pentax was $95 and seemed to tick all the boxes at the time but it just can't capture red in any way shape or form, turns it into some weird blur.   And don't get me started on its abysmal macro.   *sob*

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nicole Mallalieu Mod Bag - love/hate

I have made heaps of bags by this very talented Aussie designer, but this Mod Bag was a challenge.  Its an advanced pattern and while its not HARD as such, its heaps fiddly and has a lot going on behind the scenes.
As with all Nicole M patterns, the bag fitted together flawlessly and there are heaps of hints and tips to make sure you get a perfect finish.

I even found a use for an old karate bo that I have kicking around my house after my kids flirted with karate and pretty much decided they didn't want to keep up with it after two lessons and the expense of the kitout.  Yes, I made them do it till the end of the year so I could get my money's worth :)

Anyway, the bo in action:
Pressing a seam flat on a tube, without creasing the outer edges.  And yes that is a cat on my ironing board, absorbing the heat of the iron, and getting cat fur on everything I do.  Its freaking cold and bleak here in Sydney.  I hate winter and so does my cat.

But I digress

I made the bag in pink corduroy that I think may have been a mistake as its chunky and heavy.

Technically the bag is damned near perfect, but I'm just not sure if I love it.  You know those projects when you spend so much time on something that by the time its all over, you just can't bear to look at it any more?   That's my Mod bag.

Also my belt buckle is a bit too heavy and drags the front down a bit.   I had a nice light square one that I bought from spotlight but it just looked wrong.   This one looks fabulous, but unfortunately weighs a kilo.  That and the fact of the other hardware and the heavy fabric make this bag already overweight even before its got my junk inside.  

I'm a bit sad because I did try really hard with the finishing touches and its pretty much perfect.    Should I just get over myself and enjoy my bag ??

Or do I need to make a different version with funky fabric like this other version from Nicole's site ?

Yeah, another version.

some day

lore x

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Craft fair and crochet heaven

Attended the annual Craft Fair in Sydney yesterday.  Came away completely underwhelmed.  Usually I come back brimming with enthusiasm and creative juices.   It was all very same same and I just couldnt get excited.

I did love this quilt from the display section (and particularly the tassles around the edges) too gorgeous.
I did love this one too, the optical illusion effect is great.
Got a lot more excited about the beautiful wool.   I bought 6 balls from Bendigo Mills - they're 8 ply (worsted?) and cost $11.50 each.  200g balls -   so plenty to be created from them
I can't wait to get started because ... drum roll ... my crochet books finally arrived from USA.   I bought them about a month ago on the recommendation of Completely Cauchy (whose name I don't know), who does the most unreal colourful crochet, and I thought well if she likes them, I know I will too!!   And I do !

I've already tinkered with 3 blocks

I'm loving the hexagon most and think I'll make a blanket up with a bunch of them using my new wools.   Its a super easy block to make.   I love love love the symbol diagrams in the book, so much better to just look at the images to see where you are and what you have to do.   I wish Jan Eaton would use them in her books.  At a glance you've totally nailed it because you can see where you are in relation to the other stitches.  Unlike rows and rows of dc in next 3ch etc.   I'm pretty visual I think.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up Completely Couchy !   And just watch this blanket grow!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cutting edge cool - QR style

I totally want to crochet or quilt this

Its my blog url.   If you go here:  you can make your own.

And then if someone scans your handiwork on their phone, they'll go to your page.  

or you can type in a phrase.  This says "all you need is love"

How cutting edge cool is that?


love / hate invisible zips

mostly hate

Cheap Lincraft rubbish.

Oh, and how long before I have to wear this?  tomorrow?  no sweat

Monday, June 20, 2011

Butterick 5032 in black satin and a cute bag

Hi everyone, (if there's anyone still there after my long absence)

Nothing much to report from the past month - tons of crochet but no sewing whatsoever, but that all changed this weekend !

I've been lucky enough to score red carpet night tickets to the musical Hairspray and I have to frock up.   So I thought seeing as there's not much time - um its this thursday night - I'd whip up a tried and true.

I've made this twice before here and here.  

Current status is finished but for side zip/seam and hem.

But what to make in the way of the old bag department?   There are drinks beforehand and really, if one has a glass of champagne in one hand and a black satin clutch purse in the other, how does one juggle possession so as to dive for the goats cheese tarts that come past?   There's only one thing for it, I must have a dangly purse.

Again, I didnt want to invent the wheel so I thought I'd pick up a tutorial off the web.  I do like this simple bag on Martha Stewart of all places!   So I went with this. 

But oh, the rigmarole of the pattern: too complicated by far!  I just wanted to sew it all the way around and then turn it inside out.  So that's what I did.   I used the tutorial by at Stitchywitch at Green Apples.  I mean its the same concept as a sleeveless dress.  Just one handle is longer.  And it worked perfectly.  Here's my toile:

I'm thinking when my daughter sees this tomorrow she's going to beg me to give it to her!    That's ok, I'm making a flashy satin one for me.

Cheers and gee its nice to be back.  Hopefully this kick starts me into more sewing.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

still no sewing

just renovating.

But for archival purposes, I'll update my blog with progress shots.


To bedroom:

Blinds fitted today (one gone back for replacement)

and the sheer blinds are the 'i can see you but you can't see me' kind.
Carpet and light fitting to go and we can cross this room off the list.

Next is this one
Oh god I miss sewing. :(