Friday, May 21, 2010

Colette Beignet - and amortising advice

I made this skirt a couple of weeks ago out of purple corduroy with pink poplin lining.  It was my first Colette pattern, but will not be my last.  I made a size 6 as all the wisdom in blogland recommended to use your measurements.  On normal patterns I'd come down a size or two but this was exactly the right fit for me.   So I'll reinforce others' advice - measure yourself and trust the pattern to do the right thing!

I did make one adjustment, I cut the length longer, just used the cutting line for size 18 rather than size 6.  This gave me the perfect length. 

It came out gorgeous but I totted up how much it cost me.

$22 for the corduroy
$4.80 for the lining
$5 for the buttons
(and the pattern was $19 including postage - but we never count the cost of patterns, right?)

so lets say $30 because I'd prefer to round down rather than round up. Now that's kind of up there for a home made item, but still nowhere what you'd pay to buy it (even if you could) in the shops.   And its been crafted with love and supported an independent designer.

But now I want to do it on the cheap and make it again from thrifted materials.

I bought a few metres of some great vibrant red drill from a Vinnies in Rockdale   And buttons and lining from my stash.  Who knows where they came from or how much they cost.  But they've been there so long they have a nil value now.

So this one will cost me about $2.50

and if we amortise, that means two skirts for about $15 (if we round down again).

Now I'm happy !   I shall attempt to finish it today, as its a high maintenance pattern for such a simple look, but I've gone to the trouble of tracing the pattern etc already so its just a matter of cutting out and making.

Watch this space !



  1. That's a fun colour! It will be awesome in red, too. And the second time is always easier than the first try. Nice work!

  2. Gorgeous! I made one in red and wear it all the time. Yours make me want a purple one too!

  3. are on fire! Definitely red hot. Go H!! (love the blue dress too- looks perfect :)

  4. I love your way of thinking about how to work out the cost of making the skirts :)