Thursday, May 13, 2010

Butterick 5032 square neck slim dress

I'm making a toile of this first, because I saw some pretty hit and miss reviews.

When I checked my measurements on the pattern back I would have been a size 14 but the pieces looked gigantic so I actually cut out a 10 and its going to be bang on the button.
Here's progress shots of my toile.  Back is buckled below the seam joining bodice to skirt, so I'm going to do a swayback adjustment of 1 inch on the skirt piece.   This will pull the skirt up and make it sit flat.
Its so hard to take pictures of the back !

This is the fabric I want to use, a cotton Sateen that I got at Spotlight for about $16 for a metre and a half.

That and the zip and lining.   The dress may end up costing about $25 all up!   The pattern was bought at the Vogue sale for a song.

How great is this dress going to look ?!



  1. love it as usual.

  2. I saw you posted this dress on the MMM flickr pool and just wanted to say that it's basically the nicest dress I have ever seen in my life, either handmade or retail. The style, fit and fabric are perfect, you look incredible. x