Friday, May 28, 2010

Strawberry very very. Butterick 4945 Apron.

Have you ever seen anything as divine as this in your entire life?

No.  I didn’t think so.  

For those who need words as well as pictures.   The pattern is Butterick 4945

My version is a hybrid of the top left and top right.  The main picture with the bias curly frill was what I got hooked on when I bought this pattern but after reading numerous reviews with pictures on pattern review, I got put off as it wasn’t nearly as frilly as it looks in the pic.  [If you have five minutes, my favourite review is here - amusing reviewer.]  But all was not lost, as, whilst reviewing the reviews, I noticed that the other apron designs were too damn cute for words.
It’s a bit of a fussy pattern and very high maintenance for an apron, what is it with me and high maintenance patterns lately?   But jeez.   Behold the cuteness.
I was conserving fabric as the strawberries was only 1 metre square and we didn’t need to be wasting extra yardage when not required, so I changed the style of the neck band, this was two separate bands that tie at the back – hassle.   I made one big loop to put my head through.  
My thriftiness ensured that I had an accessory to go with it too.

Time to start baking !



  1. Cute!! The strawberry print is just perfect for an apron.