Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Splitsville - lining dramas and a handy little tip

So I'm wearing my cute if boring pencil skirt to work. Its looking nice.   Nobody telling me I'm gorgeous or anything because its just like, you know, I bought it at Country Road or Armani or something, so nothing out of the ordinary there.

And I squat down to get something out of my bag when *yipes* I hear a tear and feel a bit of 'give' across my backside.  

Queue cold sweat.

Oh but its ok, i've just split my lining...
Anyway, after a bit of serendipitous blog following yesterday, I chanced upon sewveryprairie.  This was happened upon because the fabulous Zoe of MeMadeMay was commenting on one of her favourite patterns, Simplicity 3835.   I googled the pattern and found Very Prairie had made it and had a look what she had to say.

Anyway, she did a great job on it and made some beautiful dresses... but ... later on in the post she talks about the lining and she says that although intuitively you think the lining should be smaller because its inside, it should actually be bigger as there's no give in the fabric.   She cuts her lining the same size as the main fabric piece but gives it a smaller seam allowance.

So I'm going to be doing that from now on too.  Are you ?

Never again that dreadful sound of tearing fabric !



  1. Pretty sure I got that lining tip from Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing, to give credit where due. I'm no expert, but it seems to really work.

    I hope you can resurrect your sassy skirt, the lining color is just fantastic!

  2. Thanks for that tip! I am going to do a wool pencil skirt soon, fully lined, so that tip is very well timed!