Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kanzashi flowers - filth wizardry style !

Thanks to this fantastic craft blog  filthwizardry we made some cute kanzashi flowers to alleviate this boring rainy [and cold] Boxing Day and to brighten the house.

our kitchen towel was the wrong kind :( and sagged

but the baby wipe ones were UNREAL


I had to do me a frangipanni - even though its rainy and cold - it is supposed to be summer after all

Still have to finish these off with beads/buttons in the centre as they are damp and I just couldnt wait to share.  Get out there and make some.  But use the filthwizardry tip and staple without the extra fold - I mean this is a quick kids craft.  This tip makes the whole process quick and problem free!

We had great fun, and I can see myself making heaps of the frangipannis and making a garland.


Bring on the sunshine


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day bag by Nicole Mallalieu

I love Nicole's patterns, I love her site (full of tips, techniques, things to buy...) and I love her blog.

Latest pattern I bought was the Day Bag because I wanted to learn the zip technique.   She suggests making the bag first without the zip and then tackling the zip because its tricky.  OK I'm good for that.

Bought some fabric for outside and lining but couldnt decide which was for which so got 1.1 metres of each (pattern recommends 70 cms fabric / 40cms lining). Spotlight cutter was generous and I ended up with a little over 1.2 each.

Copied the pattern onto interfacing:

Pinned pattern to fabric only to find I could fit all the pieces I needed for 2 bags at the 65 centimetre mark. So just HAD to make use of the rest by pinning out the pattern again.  Got 4 bags out of the two lengths!  Because of my frugal fabric use I couldn't do the pattern variation with the flap, and only one of the bags gets to have the zippered gusset.  The scraps that I have left don't leave any room for mistakes.  Lucky I'm a confident person!

The first thing I did before I started was to calibrate my machine to her unique 13mm seam allowance.
I traced the edge and seam line onto interfacing and worked it into my machine until I got a spot that I could line up with and give me a consistent allowance.

Then I made the bag!

Its cute cute cute.

Next time I'd...

*  Make sure I put the zip the other way around because you have to open it right to left rather than left to right.

* Put the feature ring on the right hand side of the strap on the front of the bag, so its at the front when the bag is slung over my right shoulder.

Both these hiccups are my silly mistakes, but it does pay to stop and think a bit instead of going bang bang bang, oops.

and I think I'll try with pellon next time.

Bag pattern and instructions get full marks though, its a great shape and size, and there were no head scratching moments at all in the construction process.

Thanks Nicole, you're the best !!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The u-handbag competition

Having a lot of fun with entries for this competition.  You have to send your photo of a bit of extreme sewing.

There have been loads of very creative interpretations of the theme.

C'mon win a sewing machine !!

The competition is here:

We've submitted three photos.  You can enter as many times as you like.  Must put your photo in the flickr group and must comment on the post.  GO FOR IT!

our pix are:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

fabric basket / fabric bucket - my own version

My first attempt was a bit like this one but i didnt like the way it wasnt really firm on the base.  And who wants to be faffing around with linings and outers, I just wanted to have as few seams as possible.

So I was playing around with making a base, and I thought - hey - how about delving into that pile of cds that i'm too 'green' to throw away and wanted to use for a project one day..

ta da, the fabric basket ala compact disque was born.  2 seams (albeit one fiddly round one).

and again

I quite fancy posting a tutorial, as I've got out my calculator and revisited high school maths (well the pi bit, anyway) and worked out how to make it so there's no annoying bit at the end of sewing on the base where you go, dammit - too short, or dammit - too much fabric.

And you get to use up those pesky discs that lie around the house


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby quilt

This project grew out of a 3 pack of charm squares.  They turned out to be a bad investment, they were cheap at, I think, $4 for each bundle of 40 charms.   I made the disappearing nine patch but the fabric was so stretchy and 'strandy' that the end result was a dog's breakfast.

Enter a little creative appliqueing and lots of sewing reinforcement.

I think I managed to save the day and its a present for a baby whose mum is very earth mother so would prefer something a little homespun rather than perfection, so perhaps all's well that ends well.

But the moral of the story is to only buy good quality fabric.  Cheap = cheap !

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Size 8 skirt.

We did this yesterday, daughter 2 asked me in the morning if she could sew something up... We decided on a skirt and she traced a kwik sew skirt.

I'm actually surprised I have such a simple pattern, maybe I got it for the top!   Anyway, we were off:

At the machine

Disaster strikes when snipping threads


So finished by mum

Still an achievement. Pattern traced, fabric laid out and cut out and side seams sewn.  More than half her own work.

Wore it to a birthday dinner for friends, but unfortunately ended up spilling food on it halfway through.  oops


My new (to me) machine.

Hi I'm Lora

I have taken so much from the sewing blogging community and I wanted to share and be a part of it all.

I thought what better way than make a journal of my new best friend, my pfaff 260 and the things that we have created together.

She's only a domestic but has been fitted into a table with an industrial motor and has enough grunt to get through many layers of fabric.

I love the manual's first page:

Yes, my dream has indeed come true.  A fast machine with great traction for the fabric.  No more wandering seams.

This machine dates from the mid 60s and so do I.  Hey, I'm even half German so this is like a family reunion of sorts!

So although I have already made a few bits and pieces, I'd like to document what we've been up to together.