Sunday, September 27, 2009

My new (to me) machine.

Hi I'm Lora

I have taken so much from the sewing blogging community and I wanted to share and be a part of it all.

I thought what better way than make a journal of my new best friend, my pfaff 260 and the things that we have created together.

She's only a domestic but has been fitted into a table with an industrial motor and has enough grunt to get through many layers of fabric.

I love the manual's first page:

Yes, my dream has indeed come true.  A fast machine with great traction for the fabric.  No more wandering seams.

This machine dates from the mid 60s and so do I.  Hey, I'm even half German so this is like a family reunion of sorts!

So although I have already made a few bits and pieces, I'd like to document what we've been up to together.


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  1. Loving the look of that machine - and the instruction manual is worth framing!!