Thursday, October 15, 2009

fabric basket / fabric bucket - my own version

My first attempt was a bit like this one but i didnt like the way it wasnt really firm on the base.  And who wants to be faffing around with linings and outers, I just wanted to have as few seams as possible.

So I was playing around with making a base, and I thought - hey - how about delving into that pile of cds that i'm too 'green' to throw away and wanted to use for a project one day..

ta da, the fabric basket ala compact disque was born.  2 seams (albeit one fiddly round one).

and again

I quite fancy posting a tutorial, as I've got out my calculator and revisited high school maths (well the pi bit, anyway) and worked out how to make it so there's no annoying bit at the end of sewing on the base where you go, dammit - too short, or dammit - too much fabric.

And you get to use up those pesky discs that lie around the house


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