Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kanzashi flowers - filth wizardry style !

Thanks to this fantastic craft blog  filthwizardry we made some cute kanzashi flowers to alleviate this boring rainy [and cold] Boxing Day and to brighten the house.

our kitchen towel was the wrong kind :( and sagged

but the baby wipe ones were UNREAL


I had to do me a frangipanni - even though its rainy and cold - it is supposed to be summer after all

Still have to finish these off with beads/buttons in the centre as they are damp and I just couldnt wait to share.  Get out there and make some.  But use the filthwizardry tip and staple without the extra fold - I mean this is a quick kids craft.  This tip makes the whole process quick and problem free!

We had great fun, and I can see myself making heaps of the frangipannis and making a garland.


Bring on the sunshine


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