Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Beignet - budget style. This cost me $2.50 (and a day's work)

Pattern: Colette Beignet -  here

It takes a whole day to make this skirt.   Know how I know that ? Because I spent yesterday making it.  The final button was sewn on at about 6pm.

But its worth all the time and effort because its such a cute skirt.

I made it from thrifted fabric and wanted to use stash to keep the cost as low as I could.   I used some mauve/lilac lining from my stash.  How gorgeous is this?  I just wanted to hang it from my walls like artwork:

And then I searched through my stash for buttons.   I had 4 options.   I put it to the vote for my closest friends, and the vote was split half/half for the navy blue buttons and the black with white stitching buttons.  With the roman coin look a close third.  Luckily my personal favourite was the navy so that was easily decided. 

I did get an unsolicited recommendation to use large white heart shaped buttons.   Wow - that would look cool.   But that would have meant a purchase and that wasn't in my brief for this project.

Maybe the next one needs to be black with white heart buttons ?!

The finished product on a wintery Sydney day.   My first outing with opaque tights!

Frigging cheap fabric.   Creases like nobody's busness !



  1. Just love your blogs H. Each one is so entertaining.

  2. This is great! I love that lining and the sewing story is day and $2.50. All that makes a fabulous skirt even better if you ask me.

  3. Too bad it creases so terribly because that skirt is awesome. What pattern did you use?


  4. Hi Sweet Limes

    The pattern is Beignet, by Colette patterns. I have edited this post to include the link to their site.

    The pattern range is an independent one and they are gorgeous patterns. Really, you need to be more hip, they're all the rage !


  5. love this skirt and all the buttons.