Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baguette with Echino Bats

My first completed Baguette made from the pattern I won from Nicole Mallalieu.

Funny about this bag.  When I received the pattern I read and re-read it absorbing all detail.  Then last night I woke up in a hot sweat going 'oh no, I've sewed on the flap without understitching the base'.  TRUE ! 
And today when I started I thought, oh no.  If I use the flap and have a magnetic catch there, do I need to do a magnetic catch on the facing too ?  I emailed Nicole M via her blog at about 10am on Sunday morning and you know what - she emailed me at 10.30 on Sunday morning to let me know that yeah, you can do it both ways, try it out with a pin and see if you like it that way.  Then put in the catch or not as you wish.

NOW THAT IS SERVICE !!   Thanks so much Nikki.   Anyway...

Wow - this was a tricky little demon to make, with lots of understitching.  But well worth the effort it took.  And hey, after making this one, every bag I make will seem like a walk in the park.

And actually, saying that - I completed this entire bag in one day, from tracing the pattern (unneccessary but I do like to waste time like this) to completion in one day, with a break to take kids to an ice skating party and pick up kids from said party... and a stay for cake and chips.

 The inside should have a pocket but I thought in a bag this small, I'll only have keys and money and my glasses so I let that detail slide.

How great is that contrast?   Lime green against royal purple and Westpac red ! Constructions stages (taken with my camera which is dying - above shots taken with husbands camera which is very much alive)
Bag inside with interfacing, pellon and fast 2 fuse.  I stuffed up with the fast 2 fuse and ironed on the interfacing and pellon and then remembered it.  But I fused it over the top of that lot with one more layer of interfacing.  Seems to work ok and I love the sturdiness of the base.
 Testing lengths for the bag strap and fitting the 'o' rings on short straps.   Short straps were 8cm long and the long handle 57cm long (then turned up 4.5 cms each side to enclose the ring).
Pattern review below for anyone interested in tackling this project:

Pattern Description:   Small handbag

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Wow - you bet.  I've seen a few versions of this bag, and its all about the fabric.  Whatever you pick, as long as you love it, it will turn out AWESOME.

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes, very detailed instructions as we've come to expect from Nicole Mallalieu patterns. 

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?I like how she explains why we do some stages.  I came away from this project with more confidence in understitching and appreciating its importance in creating smooth clean crisp edges. 

I also like how she gives you options.  Flap ?   Zippered interior pocket?   Different strap styles?  Its a kind of mix and match that ensures the end product is exactly what you need!

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  I chose to insert rings in the straps.  I cut the strap into three sections two short 8cm sections to hold the ring to the bag body, and one long 56cm section for the strap proper. 

I also left out the interior pocket.  I figured this bag would be for keys, wallet and glasses on weekends, I didnt need a zippered pocket.  I may put one in next time.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?  Yes and yes.  I can see this is in so many different fabrics for different moods and for gifts.     

Conclusion:   A gorgeous bag.

So there you have it - definitely one to have a go with. The pattern is here and costs only $21.95.  You could have a production line of beautiful bags in no time.  I mean $22 won't get you a bag this gorgeous, and the fabric use is minimal.  I bet you have some in your stash right now that would make the bag of your dreams.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zig Zag skirt Simplicity 8141 and prize booty

 How's this for a far out fabulous piece of skirt ?!   Its still in the pinning stage for hemming, but I couldnt wait to share.  (I think my camera is on the fritz, its over-exposing and pixelating like mad)

The fabric was in the quilting cottons section of Spotlight and I just couldnt pass it up.   All smart people insist you should stay away from quilting fabric when making clothes.  Pah!   What do they know? 

Old faithful Simplicity 8141 to the fore.  I love this skirt, have made it about, oh, 6 times now!  It has facing and a high waist.  Although the patter is unlined I always put in a lining - because a skirt is so much nicer when its lined, doncha reckon?   No ugly seams, as beautiful inside as out!  And because I'm budget conscious, I'll let you know that the fabric and invisible zip for this project cost me $12.50.   The lining came from stash so was free!  Barg.
Are you a quilt fabric for clothing kinda person, or do you eschew the pretty patterns and colours over there in the forbidden zone and just make clothing with dress fabrics?  I can't help but be seduced by the fantastic designs in the quilting fabrics these days...

Other exciting developments are my prize winnings for 2nd place for my bag review.   I won a $50 credit at Nicole M Design, but I did have a wish list for the bigger prize, so I got $100 worth of goods but with $50 off.   I'm so stoked and don't know which project to tackle first!    I don't really need a bag for myself just yet as I use my Sling every day, but these are all different purpose bags.  I little Baguette for keys and wallet on the weekend, a bit of City for a formal work bag, and a Laptop for a laptop !   Watch this space. What can I say, I'm INSPIRED !
Thanks to my friends who voted for me and thanks to Nikki for running the comp and making the best bag patterns in the universe.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend sewing and shameless plug for your help

As you may have read in a previous entry I entered the Nicole Mallelieu competition with my Sling Bag and its doing very well garnering votes to put me in contention for a prize.   Its neck and neck with another entrant, Fiona, who has made some fabulous hats and probably also deserves to win !  But you know what, sorry Fiona, I totally have my eye on the prize.

Hopefully clicking on the picture should take you to the page to vote.  If you feel so inclined, after visiting Nicole's blog to check out the competition, please go to the sidebar and vote for who you think is the most deserving out of all the entrants.   I'm entry 23 but don't feel obliged to vote for me if there's something that takes your fancy more. 

Go on, it'll put you in the mood for the upcoming election.  All I ask is that you don't do a Mark Latham and vote informally.   Bloody Mark Latham!  

I made this bag for my Brissie trip and I've used it every day since then.  Its such a comfy bag with good capacity.  Nicole's patterns can be used to make products for sale and I'm seriously thinking I may sew some up for sale, I mean its not like there are many bags on etsy !

Anyway, thanks very much and hopefully you'll hear me gushing soon about how lucky I am and what fabulous patterns I've got from Nicole as my prize...  
Sewing project this weekend was a pres for an 11 year old who has moved back to Denmark with her family.   Happy birthday Kirstine!  I had this fabulous fabric gifted to me from a very generous work colleague - it was 1.5 metres of some poly cotton blend with this rich gold embroidery on it.  Perfect for a skirt and matching wristlet accessory.   Kirtsine, you'll be the most stylish child in Copenhagen !

The wristlet was winged as to size and specifications.  Ain't it just the cutest thing ?!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Tempe Rock 'n' Roll market ... ROCKED !!

It was such a great day.  A really happy friendly vibe.  No pretentions.  Just gorgeous frocked up chicks and guys.    Tons of stalls with vintage clothing / bits and pieces / artwork / shoes...

And the real excitement is its going to be held every month.  I'm in heaven and its only down the road from me!

Cool gals and guys.

Great vintage fashions - this coat was 60 bucks, it was worth more than that in the buttons alone!

Vintage hairstyling from Doppleganger of Enmore Road - only $15 on the day:

I only saw one piece of vintage fabric (a tablecloth actually), and no patterns whatsoever!  Whoever's out there with a stash - please go and set up a stall.  You'll make a killing.  (and I'll be your biggest customer)