Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nicole Mallalieu Mod Bag - love/hate

I have made heaps of bags by this very talented Aussie designer, but this Mod Bag was a challenge.  Its an advanced pattern and while its not HARD as such, its heaps fiddly and has a lot going on behind the scenes.
As with all Nicole M patterns, the bag fitted together flawlessly and there are heaps of hints and tips to make sure you get a perfect finish.

I even found a use for an old karate bo that I have kicking around my house after my kids flirted with karate and pretty much decided they didn't want to keep up with it after two lessons and the expense of the kitout.  Yes, I made them do it till the end of the year so I could get my money's worth :)

Anyway, the bo in action:
Pressing a seam flat on a tube, without creasing the outer edges.  And yes that is a cat on my ironing board, absorbing the heat of the iron, and getting cat fur on everything I do.  Its freaking cold and bleak here in Sydney.  I hate winter and so does my cat.

But I digress

I made the bag in pink corduroy that I think may have been a mistake as its chunky and heavy.

Technically the bag is damned near perfect, but I'm just not sure if I love it.  You know those projects when you spend so much time on something that by the time its all over, you just can't bear to look at it any more?   That's my Mod bag.

Also my belt buckle is a bit too heavy and drags the front down a bit.   I had a nice light square one that I bought from spotlight but it just looked wrong.   This one looks fabulous, but unfortunately weighs a kilo.  That and the fact of the other hardware and the heavy fabric make this bag already overweight even before its got my junk inside.  

I'm a bit sad because I did try really hard with the finishing touches and its pretty much perfect.    Should I just get over myself and enjoy my bag ??

Or do I need to make a different version with funky fabric like this other version from Nicole's site ?

Yeah, another version.

some day

lore x