Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simplicity 6171 shift dress circa 1965

Thank you so much to the generosity of Kaye who has been giving away patterns on the Sew Retro blog.

I picked up this great simple shift dress from her giveaway

 I decided to go with the sleeveless dress on the right.

The pattern offered fitting challenges.  It appeared originally that I was the right fit for this patten but I ended up bringing the sides in by another 3cms, extending the darts in the back to higher up on my shoulders and increasing and lowering them to to account for my swayback.  apart from that it was a good fit!
The fabric I used was one recently added to my stash from Spotlight.  A 1.5 metres of a 1.5 metre wide stretch polished cottonny looking thing.  Not sure of the composition.  Whole lot cost me about $12.

This is my side seam altered after many backwards and forwards to my mirror -  in 1.5 centimetre increments.  And the back dart increase by about double at this stage.  Further changes were made to this dart.

And the final look

Thanks so much Kaye for the pattern.

I hope to attack the others I got  from you next!



  1. Love the big red flowers. It looks stunning on you.

  2. Over from Sew Retro. Beautiful fit. Looks absolutely lovely!

  3. Looks terrific. Fits beautifully.

  4. I'm so glad to see someone making a 60's dress and keeping it knee-length! That's exactly what I plan to do, and seeing this dress reassures me that it can look good. Great job!

  5. I came over via Sew Retro. Nice dress! I love the print, and your alterations made it fit wonderfully. Well done!

  6. Your dress is absolutely fab! I love the print as well!

  7. Lovely pattern, lovely fit, lovely dress. Lady in red....

  8. Fantastic look, the red cotton suits the pattern so much. I too find I always have to take in the extra ease included in vintage patterns to get a close fit, but it's worth the extra fitting work for an outcome like yours!

  9. Beautiful! What an awesome fit you have achieved! Do you have plans for more, now that you have perfected the pattern? This is a dress you could make over and over with different sleeves/fabric/neckline etc! How exciting when you discover such patterns! Great to have yu on board for Me-Made-May, do you know we have a Flickr group up and running now too? Zoe x