Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scaring the birds off !

We've been seeing a lot more birds in my backyard lately.  Not the nice variety.  The Indian Myna variety.  Squawk squawk.


They've been sitting on my washing line and crapping on my washing.  And leaving poop on my pavers.


A quick google was in order "how to scare birds off my washing line / discouraging birds / birds pooing on my washing".  These finally led me to someone who suggested googling "bird scarer".  wow.  did that pay off!   Apparently all you have to do it discourage them by hanging some bright mobiles and a picture of a hawk.


I laminated a sillhouette image of a hawk on A4 paper and stuck it on the water tank which the birds will see as they're coming in to take up position.

I  made a mobile out of old cds stuck together so they're rainbow sides are out - always beautiful - and a bit of fishing line.  They spin and catch the sun.  I had nowhere to put them actually over the washing line so I hung it in a tree beside the line and formulated big plans for a wire that would run over the top of the line with some hanging every few inches or so.

But you know what?


The outcome was absolutely instantaneous !



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  1. I love that idea for the suncatcher. I may have to steal it and make a few of my own!